Translating websites

How many languages can you speak?

A website for the whole world
(or, at least, most of it)

Multilingual websites don’t need to be discussed much. It is clear that each new language increases the number of potential users or buyers. Even if you don’t intend to enter other markets, the foreigners in your country will be able to read the content you offer.

Professional translation

Same website in another language

Buyers/users from abroad

Simple usage

Better position on search engines

Good impression

The experience of our team has shown us that there are a lot of websites that have a button for changing the language, but when you click on it, you will get half translated pages, inaccurate translations, just the title in the foreign language… That leaves a bad impression on the visitors, even on those that know the primary language. That is why we recommend providing the possibility of other languages, if there isn’t the promised one. Lava NET cooperates with professional translators from various fields (medicine, law, mechanical engineering…). So, you will get the accurate and precise translation and we will make visually the same websites in other languages.