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SEO - So the whole world notice you

If you are planning to increase your business volume and become competitive in your line of work, it is necessary to invest in marketing. In today's smartphones and highly accessible internet, it is most logical that you focus on internet marketing.

Then SEO comes into the scene - Traffic generated by optimizing your site for search engines has the highest long-term ROI (return of investment) than any other marketing channel.

Kazimir Malevich
Mark Rothko

Web site

There are more and more people who want to present themselves or their business on the internet. For some, it is more important how they are represented in the virtual world than in reality. The network has won.

You want to show all your capabilities and successes online? Then all we need to do is "take some measurements" and design the perfect image of your business.

Web shop

This shop operates 24/7. You do not have to clean windows, you do not have to say "good day" a hundred times a day ... And it is much cheaper than the usual shop. And you heard the fact - more and more people are buying online.

Why would I rush through the shops searching what I need, when I can simply click? So focus your offers and business and make your products available to these customers as well. Never forget about them.

Wassily Kandinsky
Robert Motherwell

paying systems

Have you noticed it? Customers are demanding to pay online or by credit card. And you know the reason why. Flowers arrive at the address of a loved one. And the sender pays it. For example from Japan. You know what that means!

Make your products available to the whole world. Finally the distance is no longer an issue.

(FB, Google...)

For potential customers to see your offer and get the right information about you, we need to use the right internet channels. So the information is delivered where it needs to be.

Traditional advertising in this modern world is not enough. We must start thinking outside that box.

Sam Francis
Joan Miro


Hosting (It is just like renting an apartment. It is the place where your data physically is on our server) - lease space for your web site, application or mailing list.

Domen (web site address) - This is the unique name of your web site and it should be related to the name of your business/company e.g. or etc.

Website Maintenance - whether your site is on our server or not, we will help you keep everything running smoothly.


To represent you and/or your business in the right way we need to make some sweet and top-quality pictures and videos.

Whether we use a drone, take photos, do video productions or animations. The beauty is always in the eye of the cameraman.

Barnett Newman
Jean Paul Riopelle

Bug fixes and
web sites repair

Web sites are just like living things. They get "sick" from time to time. They "catch a cold or a flue" and then, they need treatment.

That is the time when our team of developers and designers come on the rescue like real doctors.