Repairing websites

Internet healing

Saving a broken website

Some websites simply cannot be saved. When they are past their time or when they’ve wilted, healing and watering cannot help. Then, they need to be replaced by new and more powerful ones. People are still not too emotionally attached to machines, so they don’t find that difficult. However, they are attached to their money, so, instead of new and modern websites, they prefer to retain the old and dilapidated ones. Repairing a website is sometimes harder than making a new one, but it can be done. We will do everything we can in order to return it to its previous state, but, as a well-known saying of car mechanics’ goes: first, we need to look under the hood.

Replacement of old parts

New additions


Data protection

Restoring the lost content

Polishing and smoothing

This page could emit a recorded voice saying: “Website repairing”. If you can hear it, you’re not far from the message we’re trying to send. We will roll up our sleeves and try to fix your site. Bring your precious “wheels” to us and we will treat them kindly and with care. We will return them to you in great condition.