Maintaining websites

So that it doesn’t break down

Virtual products can also get rusty

When a site is published on the web, its internet life officially begins – users and Google robots start visiting it. Those visits can easily be seen: analyses show the number of visitors and the time of their presence on the website, while a robot’s visit can be seen according to the position of your website in Google search engine. All other activities are hard to keep track of, and there are plenty of them. The worst case scenario happens if hackers send you a virus. Then, you can lose your website. It can easily happen if the website isn’t updated (latest versions of website elements) or if it doesn’t have the adequate protection. That’s the reason why it is necessary to have your presentation or web shop taken care of.

Data protection

Defence against viruses

Regular updating

Satisfied users

Website speed

Google position

A website cannot survive on the dynamic internet unless it is maintained. All occurrences under the surface must be monitored on regular basis. Smaller errors must be immediately fixed, because they can quickly become a great problem. It is particularly significant for the websites that sell something. A frequently visited internet shop brings money to the owner on daily basis. If it doesn’t work for, let’s say, 24 hours – losses can be immense. When a website or a web shop is regularly maintained, the chances for losses are significantly lower.