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Before the optimization yields results, try the simpler way of reaching the first position in the Google search engine. Of course, these ads need to be paid. Lava NET will assist you in writing the best ad possible, which we will also post for you. We explore key words and estimate how to outsmart the competition, because the others pay for the ads, as well. It is rather crowded, and the price increases if the ad isn’t good. We will try to do it so that Google charges the least amount possible.

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Apart from the ads, we offer you "GoogleMyBusiness", as well. It is a space on the search engine that is reserved just for your business. There, after the users type in the exact name and address, they can get the most important information about your business: phone number, address, location, photos, e-mail... Even if you do not have a website, you can set "GoogleMyBusiness" with all necessary information.